Geelong Verandahs

If you have long planned on improving the value and look of your property, then building a veranda is the way to go. This will give you and your family a great entertainment space where you can hold Sunday barbecues and mini get-togethers or even big parties. Regardless of the season, a verandah affords you a comfortable and relaxing space. Our team can help you achieve that with our cost-effective options. 

What is a Verandah?

A veranda serves as an outdoor structure or extension. It is usually roofed or in open air with some railings on the front and the sides as enclosure. This structure has other references such as portico, cloister, open gallery, or porch. Verandahs are customisable depending on your needs and budget. Be it basic or top-of-the-line stylish – the design options are practically limitless, and we got them all covered for you. 

Types of Verandahs

We can help you get started with your verandah if you have finally decided to install one. Here are the types of verandah designs that you can choose from:


Curved Type

  • Offers modern, unique, and more styles than the standard verandah designs
  • Can be easily incorporated with the other types of veranda, such as a flat roof
  • Looks more appealing than the flat roof as it adds a new focal point to the entire structure
  • Reaches as high as 6 meters without any internal posts
  • Colorbond steel may be utilised for roofs, beams, and posts;

Flat Type

  • Has the simplest design among all types of verandahs yet the most versatile
  • Can be incorporated in all sizes and shapes of the area, making it versatile
  • No bulky beams
  • Colorbond steel, polycarbonate multiwall and sunglaze can be used
  • Can be combined with curved or gable roof

Gable Type

  • Excellent for those who prefer a pitched roof
  • Installations such as downlights and fans can be easily added
  • Perfect for outdoor spaces intended to be filled with tables and chairs underneath the roof
  • Great for narrow walkways, as posts can be installed on the boundary to save space

Sunroof Type

  • Affords high level of comfort in any season
  • Offers shade in hot summer, but let the sunshine through in the cold days
  • Weatherproof and a sun-room in one
  • Sliding or bi-fold doors and colorbond roof work well with this design

Entrust Everything to the Experts

Installing a verandah into your residential or commercial property in Geelong, Victoria is, without a doubt a wise plan and investment. It can significantly increase both the aesthetic and functional appeal of your entire space. 

Today is the best time to get your project started, and if you hire us, without any hassle, you can enjoy all the amazing benefits of installing such outdoor space. Leave your verandah design, supply, and installation to us at Geelong Carport Specialists. Call us now!

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